August 23, 2019

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The Village of St. Martins

The quaint little New Brunswick fishing village of St. Martins has long been one of our favorite Summertime destinations.  If you are a lover of lighthouses, fishing boats, covered bridges, gift shoppes, ice cream parlours, seafood restaurants, walks along the beach, exploring caves, and watching the tide roll in..... then St. Martins should be on your "must visit list".  As if there isn't already enough interest to draw tourists and adventurers from around the world to this picturesque little corner of the globe, there have even been news reports of Luna The Great White Shark swimming in the waters near the caves.   Yes, it's a fact.  The big 2,137-pound female has been lurking around in our Atlantic waters over the past couple of days!

The lighthouse tourist information centre welcomes you into the heart of the St. Martins fishing district - the magnificent harbour.  In this area, you will find shoppes and vendors offering an abundance of ocean-inspired goods and an ice cream parlour that beckons tourists who are looking to cool off from the heat of the day.

August 3, 2019

BEAUTY: OGX Restoring + Bonding Plex Conditioner

All of you Rapunzels out there probably already know that chemicals and heat styling products are considered major culprits in destroying protein bonds, leaving hair susceptible to irreversible damage. And... you probably also know that UV rays can leave hair cuticles exposed and vulnerable to breakage and split ends. Naturally, you want to have gorgeous, shiny hair but sometimes the daily routine of beautifying and those costly visits to the salon for bleaching or colouring can catch up with you and leave you with dry, brittle, over-processed hair. So, if you detect any damage to your lovely locks, now is the time to take action. Do some emergency hair repair! Even if you do not see any signs of damage, make sure that you give your locks a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to maintain strength and moisture.

While out shopping for conditioners that provide deep moisturizing and repair, our editors happened upon OGX Restoring + Bonding Plex Conditioner. We had heard about other similar products claiming to restore hair bonds but this bottle was only a fraction of the price. It was on sale for $6.99 ($11.99 original price) at Shoppers Drug Mart on that day. An irresistible deal!

July 24, 2019


Fab.ME leave-in treatment from Design.ME

Our newest obsession!  A tall, green, 230ml bottle of goodness called Fab.ME from Design.ME!  It is a leave-in spray described as "the mother of all hair treatments" with 18 benefits. read that correctly...18.  No kidding!   We have never seen a spray on the market with such a claim, so we decided to try this product for ourselves to see if it really stands up to all of the hype and rave reviews that we've been seeing online.  We've heard that salons have been selling out of this stuff just as fast as they get in the new shipments and now we get it.  Now we understand what it is all about.  Now we are hooked.

July 23, 2019

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Up To Par Restaurant

Up To Par Restaurant

It was one of the hottest days of the summer that a group of us hopped into the car and headed out for a drive through the farmlands and cottage country.  With ravenous appetites and an eagerness to get out and stretch our legs, we pulled into the parking lot of the Up To Par restaurant in Norton, New Brunswick.  With its heritage red facade, it was visually pleasing against the picturesque backdrop of green hills, fields and surrounding farmland.