April 17, 2014

EASTER CAKE: Lemon-Filled Chicky Cake

This Lemon-Filled Chicky Cake is one of our favorite Easter week desserts. It's so easy to make and so delicious to eat. We hope that you will enjoy this recipe and we wish you all a very Hippety-Hoppety-Happy Easter!

What You'll Need: White Cake Mix - Vanilla Frosting - Desiccated Coconut Flakes - Marshmallow Chickies (i.e. Peeps) - Lemon Pudding Mix - Jellybeans


[1] Bake up your favorite brand of white cake mix (in 2 round cake pans) and let it cool.

[2] Prepare lemon pudding mix and let sit in refrigerator until it sets.

[3] Spread enough lemon pudding mixture on one layer cake to cover, being careful not to add too much.

[4] Add second layer of cake.

[5] Generously spread vanilla frosting smoothly over entire cake.

[6] Sprinkle dessicated coconut flakes on sides of cake.

[7] Place yellow Marshmallow Chickies (i.e. Peeps) around the top of the cake forming a circle. Be sure to face the chicks outward.

[8] Create a flower in the center (top) of the cake using pink and yellow jellybeans. Optional: You may add a dollop of the leftover lemon pudding instead for some added lemony goodness!

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