March 29, 2019

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Scrooge & Marley's

 Today, we are shining the spotlight on 185 Water Street in the beautiful seaside resort town of St. Andrews, New Brunswick.  An attractive shop called Scrooge & Marley's.  Though it is nestled snuggly amidst all of the other shops and boutiques in that bustling shopping district, Scrooge & Marley's stands out from the rest with its eye-catching exterior colors and the words on the window that scream out "Fresh Fudge".  Who can resist such a place?  Not us!

Scrooge & Marley's, 185 Water Street, St.Andrews, New Brunswick

At Scrooge & Marley's, you can find things that you simply cannot find anywhere else.  They offer an array of jewelry, handbags and apparel, seaside home decor, novelty gifts, and so much more.   Their homemade fudge is irresistible and always popular with visitors.  It is delicious and once you taste it, you'll be returning for more.  Believe us.

Inside Scrooge & Marley's

 We had the opportunity to meet and speak with Shelley Chase, the owner of Scrooge & Marley's.  She did not have time to chat with us for long on that day, as she was very busy, but she was more than accommodating for the time that we were there and even allowed us to snap a photo of her for our magazine.  Her cheerful disposition, her smile, and her laughter will always stick in our memory.  A friendly and welcoming Maritimer!  She is most definitely an inspiration and a true example of a successful Canadian woman.

Shelley Chase from Scrooge & Marley's

     Interesting fact:  Shelley and her husband were once featured on the well-loved television show "Canadian Pickers", making her a local celebrity in her own right.

The next time that you are traveling through New Brunswick, make sure to stop by Scrooge & Marley's.  If you happen to see Shelley while you are there, be sure to say "hello". 

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