March 26, 2019

SWEET! It's Hyacinth Time

Fragrant purple hyacinths

Mmmm, something is in the air. Something sweet. Very sweet. Potted hyacinths are popping up everywhere this time of year. They come in pretty Springtime shades and they are incredibly fragrant with an aroma that is gloriously similiar to that of freshly-cut lilacs. What we love best about hyacinths is the fact that they literally fill your home with their natural perfume.  Potted hyacinths or even just a cluster of hyacinths in an old canning jar can add charm to any space.  Place them in your kitchen, livingroom, guest bedroom, bathroom, or entryway.  This is a sure way to draw compliments from guests as they are met by both the aroma and bright colors. 

By far, one of the loveliest of all Springtime flowers. The hyacinth. Nature's Sweetness!

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