April 29, 2019

FABULOUS FIND: Eggcitables

There is a popular new product on the market which is taking vegans by storm.  It is called Eggcitables.  A dry mix formula, plant-based, 100% vegan alternative to eggs!  The absolutely egg-citing thing about Eggcitables is that this healthy chickpea-based product is gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free!  So many people are looking for the answer to their allergy concerns and voila....Eggcitables opens up the door to a vast variety of options for mealtime.

Each package makes 10-15 eggs which can be used in baking or in egg-based meals. Mmm....who doesn't crave a tasty omelette at brunch!

We were very pleased to learn that this product is manufactured right here in the Maritimes.  The genius behind this product is Hannah Chisholm, from Antigonish Nova Scotia, who inspires Canadian consumers to "start thinking outside the shell".

Website: https://www.eggcitables.com

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