May 30, 2019

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Country Liberty & Sawyer Hannay

Heather Navy Hoodie from Country Liberty
There's nothing like it.  Backroads.  Small towns.  Friendly folks.  Camping.  Boating.  Lakes.  Rivers.  Bonfires.  Hikes.  Forests.  Wildlife.  Mountain climbing.   Fresh air.  Casual clothes.  Wide open spaces.  Freedom.  It is all a part of country living.  In fact, it is.....Country Liberty.  

Today, we are shining the spotlight on the Canadian lifestyle brand, Country Liberty.  With its roots in New Brunswick, this company was born out of a passion and appreciation for our beautiful country and the freedom that is found within it.  With an emphasis on country and small town living, Country Liberty appeals to everyone who has country in their hearts.

Country Liberty is the brainchild of Sawyer Hannay, a former professional hockey player who played for the Halifax Mooseheads, in the QMJHL, and was also drafted by the NHL's Vancouver Canucks.  Originally from Rexton, New Brunswick, Sawyer returned home and started a new chapter in his life with the launch of a refreshing, new apparel concept.

Meet Sawyer Hannay, creator and owner of Country Liberty....

Sawyer Hannay, Creator and Owner of Country Liberty
We recently had the opportunity to ask Sawyer some quick questions.

Sweet Delight:  Sawyer, can you give us a little history into the making of the Country Liberty brand?  When did you launch and what was the inspiration/motivation for creating your business?

Sawyer:  Country Liberty was an idea I dreamed up when I was 19 playing professional hockey in Salzburg, Austria after the Vancouver Canucks assigned me there. I noticed the cultural divide between Europe and rural Canada and simply wanted to represent it.

Years after leaving pro-hockey and going to university to play hockey there and get an education I decided to very conservatively create a design and print 12 shirts. From there we sold them and printed 50, then 100 and so on. People jumped on board with the idea almost immediately.

It was essentially a passion project hobby as I focused on hockey and my education. This was late 2015. Then two years ago (2017), I decided to take it more serious and spend much more time on it and go full time.

Sweet Delight:  What makes Country Liberty unique?

Sawyer:  Country Liberty is unique for many reasons but most importantly because we are the only brand representing the country community how we do. We factor in ALL aspects country, nature, small town culture, of course, but also in our operational values. We take the classic "kind, neighbourly, communal, pleasant, down to earth country person" and apply it directly within our business. We communicate with our customers with those standards, we produce our content and make our business deals with those standards.

We represent the kindest and simply best people in the world and we strive every single day to be one (as a group) as well!

Sweet Delight: What is your best-selling item of clothing?

Sawyer:  Our Hoodies and Hats, no question, would be our most popular items!

Sweet Delight:  What is your favorite piece of Country Liberty merchandise to wear?

Sawyer:  This changes with every seasonal launch! As of now, our Vintage Wash hoodies are my favourite, but soon our quilted 1/4 snap pullovers will be!

Sweet Delight:  We know that you love the country.  So, tell us, what is your
favorite thing about living in the country?

Sawyer:  My favourite thing about living in the country is the level of FREEDOM! That is exactly why I chose to use the word LIBERTY in our name. The country is free: free to explore, wander, learn, grow, experience, LIVE!!

Sweet Delight:  What words do think best describes Canada?

Sawyer:  Country Liberty.

Charcoal Reversible Unisex Beanie from Country Liberty
The popularity of Country Liberty is evident.  New Brunswickers love wearing the brand as a statement.  It is a fashionable way to express their love for rural living.  With an ever-growing community of freedom-lovers, the interest is now spreading into other parts of Canada.  So, no matter where you live, if you've got country in your blood, this brand is definitely for you.

Country Liberty offers hoodies, hats, tees, and more.  It is a natural go-to for those who want casual, carefree, comfortable, quality apparel. 


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