May 15, 2019

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Destination Art & Eric Goggin

A few of the impressive prints by Destination Art

There is something captivating about vintage travel art.  It evokes memories of family road trips and makes us yearn for a simpler, easier time.  The artwork at Destination Art does just that and more!   New Brunswick artist, Eric Goggin, presents favorite Canadian attractions, villages, towns, and events with the feel-good colors, the unique fonts, and the retro-flare stylings of yesteryear.

In addition to Destination Art, Eric Goggin is the owner of Goggin Signs & Graphics in Salisbury, New Brunswick.  He has been in business since 1994 and the business is still going strong and thriving to this day.  He has become well-known for his one-of-a-kind artwork.  His work appears in homes, cottages, restaurants, and other business establishments nationwide.  Eric gives us another true example of Canadian creativity and success.

Meet Eric Goggin, owner and artist at Destination Art.

Eric Goggin, owner and artist at Destination Art

We recently had the opportunity to ask Eric some quick questions.

Sweet Delight:  Eric, you know that we absolutely love the retro/vintage vibes of your artwork. Tell us what made you decide to go with this styling?  Also, what motivated you to start Destination Art?

Eric: My motivation to start Destination Art was the classic designs of the Canadian Pacific Railway poster art of the 1930's - 50's. Simple clean designs that encouraged people to travel accross Canada. I thought the style of artwork would be perfect for home & cottage decor, and I was proved right as we have over 300 print designs to date and ship the artwork all over the world to Canadians everywhere wanting a little piece of home on the wall.

Sweet Delight:  You are familiar with many famous places and landmarks in Canada.
What is your favorite place/landmark to showcase in art form?

Eric:  Certainly my favorite place to showcase is the East Coast as its my home
and my heart is here. The Maritimes has so much to showcase with
inspiration around every corner! Breathtaking scenery and a rich history
makes it easy to come up with artwork.

Sweet Delight:  What is your favorite thing about Atlantic Canada?

Eric:  My favorite thing about Atlantic Canada is our history with the ocean and
our coastline - being an East Coaster...a Maritimer!

Sweet Delight:  In one word, how would you describe Canada?

Eric:  One word to describe Canada?....Stunning.

More fabulous prints from Destination Art
We cannot even begin to describe how enthusiastic we are about the whole concept of Destination Art.  We love it and that is why we have decided to showcase this impressive, successful business.

The very first time that we saw Eric Goggin's artwork, we were in complete awe.  Seriously, you should hear our "ooh's" and "ahhs" every time we peruse his collection of artwork.  Like so many other Canadians, we consider ourselves to be big fans. Among our personal favorites, are his artistic presentations of Hopewell Rocks, Belleisle Bay, Magnetic Hill, Alma, and Prince Edward Island.

The Destination Art website is definitely worth checking out.  There is an abundance of prints available and you will surely find one that catches your eye and captures your heart.


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