May 8, 2019

Mother's Day: Make Mom Feel Special

Present mom with a tray of prettiness for Mother's Day
 Mother's Day will soon be here.  Have you thought about what you are going to do for Mom yet?  Keep in mind, it is not about what you buy.  It is about what you do.  It is about finding a way to show her that she is valued, treasured, cherished, and loved.  No need to spend a gazillion dollars but do make certain that you put plenty of thought and care into your gifts and presentation.

  A simple, heartfelt poem or letter of love and appreciation is worth more than gold to a mother's heart.  Something freshly baked from your kitchen and a handmade card can also show Mom that she is prized.

Make a special moment for her.  Present her with a tray of prettiness.  On the tray, give her a pitcher of pink raspberry lemonade with ice cubes, a dainty vanilla cupcake in a pink cupcake wrapper, and a vase filled with lovely pink flowers.  So simple.  So sweet.  So perfect for Mom.  Sit with her, spend time with her, sip lemonade together, and talk about your favorite memories of Mom.  This is a from-the-heart Mother's Day gift that she will never forget.  The gift of your time and attention.  Something that money cannot buy.

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