May 18, 2019

STYLE FILE: Miadia Stiletto Heels From Aldo

Miadia Bone Heels from Aldo
 Calling all Divas! It's that time of year again. Time to show off your feet and pretty toenail art with trendy open-toe heels. We are totally smitten with these new Miadia stiletto heels from Aldo. They come in two sophisticated color styles, Bone and Natural Multi. We are always on a quest for beautiful shoes and when we happened upon this gem of a Canadian retailer a few weeks ago, we ended up spending several hours selecting our next shoe purchases on their website. Aldo is known as "the destination for style-conscious shoppers" and when we found their Miadia heels, with corset lacing and curvy appeal, we fell in love at first sight. These shoes can fashionably freshen up an outfit and take your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

What a sweet find! These Miadia heels are priced at $110, which is absolutely amazing when you consider that similar designer shoes on other websites can cost four times as much. This is haute couture at an irresistible price. They are attention-getting, confidence-boosting, celebrity-style, must-haves!

Miadia Natural Multi Heels from Aldo
  So, while everyone else is wearing flip flops to that family picnic this summer, why not be the Diva who wears the stilettos? Don't be satisfied to fit in with the crowd. Stand out and stand tall. For more high fashion, check out the Aldo website.


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