July 23, 2019

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Up To Par Restaurant

Up To Par Restaurant

It was one of the hottest days of the summer that a group of us hopped into the car and headed out for a drive through the farmlands and cottage country.  With ravenous appetites and an eagerness to get out and stretch our legs, we pulled into the parking lot of the Up To Par restaurant in Norton, New Brunswick.  With its heritage red facade, it was visually pleasing against the picturesque backdrop of green hills, fields and surrounding farmland.

Inside the restaurant, we were greeted by friendly staff and were delighted to see the clean and modern seating area that awaited us. 

Dining area

It was the discovery of a patio overlooking the busy little golf course that captivated us most and that is where our group decided to dine in the glorious afternoon sunshine.  

Up To Par balcony overlooking the golf course
As we seated ourselves at the table, we noted a table full of ladies who had just finished their lunch and were preparing to leave.  They wore smiles on their faces and appeared to have truly enjoyed their time at the restaurant together.  Perhaps they were regulars or maybe they were visiting for the first time as we were - either way they were leaving quite satisfied.

After munching on our appetizer of crispy onion rings and sipping our icy cold beverages, it was time to dig in and begin savoring our meals.  One in our group ordered a steak wrap and another at our table ordered the hot hamburg meal. 

The Hot Hamburg from Up To Par

Steak Wrap from Up To Par

 Several of us ordered the scrumptious 2-piece fish and chip meal.

Fish & Chips from Up To Par
The abundance of food was presented on large platters and was very appealing to the eye.  It tasted even better than it looked.  As the editors of this magazine, we must tell you that we have tried the fish and chips at many local restaurants and have not found the quality, quantity or flavor that we have found at Up To Par restaurant.  On our quest to find the best fish and chips in New Brunswick, we have to say that this place gets 5 stars from us!  The fish, served on a bed of tasty french fries, was lightly battered and scrumptious.  For added taste, they included coleslaw, tartar sauce and lemon slices.  A feast for fish lovers! 

All in all, it was a wonderful dining experience and we intend to stop in again soon for another delicious dinner with a beautiful view!  If you are ever driving in that area, be sure to stop by for a bite to eat.  If you like overflowing plates and filling meals, you won't be disappointed.  

Up To Par is located at 109 Upper Midland Road, Norton, New Brunswick, near the Midland Meadows Golf Club. It has ample parking and is wheelchair accessible.  

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