August 3, 2019

BEAUTY: OGX Restoring + Bonding Plex Conditioner

All of you Rapunzels out there probably already know that chemicals and heat styling products are considered major culprits in destroying protein bonds, leaving hair susceptible to irreversible damage. And... you probably also know that UV rays can leave hair cuticles exposed and vulnerable to breakage and split ends. Naturally, you want to have gorgeous, shiny hair but sometimes the daily routine of beautifying and those costly visits to the salon for bleaching or colouring can catch up with you and leave you with dry, brittle, over-processed hair. So, if you detect any damage to your lovely locks, now is the time to take action. Do some emergency hair repair! Even if you do not see any signs of damage, make sure that you give your locks a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to maintain strength and moisture.

While out shopping for conditioners that provide deep moisturizing and repair, our editors happened upon OGX Restoring + Bonding Plex Conditioner. We had heard about other similar products claiming to restore hair bonds but this bottle was only a fraction of the price. It was on sale for $6.99 ($11.99 original price) at Shoppers Drug Mart on that day. An irresistible deal!

We recommend that you shampoo and then towel dry your hair. Then, apply a generous amount of OGX Restoring + Bonding Plex Conditioner on hair from root to tips - especially concentrating on those ends!! We highly encourage you to leave it on for as long as possible (but be careful not to get it in your eyes). For best results, leave it on for at least an hour to allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft. When rinsing out, use cold water if possible and try not to use a blow dryer.  After just one use, we found that our locks felt softer, smoother, and more supple - with outstanding luster and radiance!!!!! (Yes, those extra exclamation marks are meant to emphasize our serious enthusiasm about the shine it imparts!!) With its salon technology, this conditioner gives hair a luxurious, Hollywood-esque appearance and provides remarkable restorative results. It is a quick fix for reducing breakage and for noticeably repairing those troublesome split ends. Without a doubt, it works wonders!  After a second use, we noticed that split ends were taken care of and breaks had been reduced significantly and by the time we were on our third and fourth use, hair had become significantly healthier.  We can see that using this once a week will definitely give hair better elasticity and stronger bonds. A 5-star rating from us!

We have been reading great things online about the OGX Restoring + Bonding Plex Leave-in Treatment but have been unable to find it in any stores near us.  If you know where we can find it in Canada, please drop us a line in the comment section below.  Also, have you tried any of the OGX Restoring + Bonding Plex products?  If so, what do you think of them?  Let us know.

Remember, it is important to do weekly at-home, salon-style bond building treatments to keep your lengths and ends healthy and shiny. Stay beautiful, Rapunzel!

 [The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the editors of Sweet Delight Online Magazine. We did not receive any payment for this post.]

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